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13 After Gig Questions for Musicians

  • Owen Pallett

    Owen Pallett

    Composer, violinist, keyboardist and vocalist Michael James Owen Pallett is from Toronto, Canada. Best known as a solo performer under the name Owen Pallett he previously worked under the alias ‘Final Fantasy’, which he retired in 2009. Pallett, who’s noted for his inventive live performances,…

  • Great Lake Swimmers

    Great Lake Swimmers

    Great Lake Swimmers led by singer-songwriter Tony Dekker are based in Toronto, Canada. Steeped in the whimsical sounds of ‘melodic folk rock’ the band released their debut self titled album back in 2003. They have over the years seen a few changes in the line-up, but are…

  • Lyndsey Cockwell

    Lyndsey Cockwell

    Songwriter and musician Lyndsey Cockwell, from Britain is currently residing in Germany’s ‘hotspot capital’ Berlin. Classical trained, by 16 she’d abandoned the piano and switched to producing pop melodies on a guitar. Musical progression followed with experiments in deconstructing sound and toying with ‘Musique concrète’;…

  • Port O’Brien

    Port O’Brien

    Port O’Brien comprise of folk-ish duo Van Pierszalowski and Cambria Goodwin. Collaborating on songs since 2005 they were later joined by a “rhythm section”; featuring Caleb Nichols, Zebedee Zaitz and Joshua Barnhart. Since receiving a thumbs up from the Pitchfork crowd all they could do…

  • Grand Archives

    Grand Archives

    Grand Archives hail from Seattle, the city synonymously twinned with rain and Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan rom com’s. Early on, Pitchfork added track ‘Sleepdriving’ to a playlist and the band in return received considerable exposure. This was closely followed up by a support gig with Modest…