Randy P Martin

Photographer Randy P. Martin is from Austin, Texas and describes his work as “Travel documentation”.

1. What are your required components for creating the perfect shot?
Yashica T5. Expired 35mm film. Decent lighting.

2. What underlying skills or knowledge do you have that influences your photography?
I think the fact that my next adventure is always around the corner gives me a bit of a leg up.

3. If you could ask one photographer one question, who and what would it be?
I’d ask anyone who owns the $43,000 Hasselblad H5D – Was it worth it?

Randy P Martin

4. Has there been a moment, photographic or otherwise where you ‘missed the shot’?
At least every other time I snap my shutter.

5. What would be the elements for your ultimate photograph – person, place and/or thing – visualize that?
Isolation in some foreign land with a solid group of friends. We’d turn something out.

6. Is there a particular source, photographic or otherwise you turn to for inspiration?
My archives are the biggest motivation for me to continue picking up a camera. One of my favorite things is opening up an album from years past and remembering the people, the adventures, the best times of my life. It’s why I shoot.

Randy P Martin

7. Sell in a few key words your particular photographic style?
My life is pretty awesome. I document it through photography and you can wish you were having as much fun as me browsing my images.

8. What predictions do you have for the future of photography?
1,000 MB digital cameras for $10 by 2020. Also, film completely gone or $100 for a roll + processing.

9. Does your underwear reflect your photographic style, is it photogenic?
It is pretty simple and straight forward so I guess you got me.

More info www.randypmartin.com