Gonçalo CamposPortuguese born product designer Gonçalo Campos graduated back in 2008. Not long after he joined the design studio of Fabrica, Benetton’s Communications Research Centre. This gave him the chance to work with brands SecondoMe, Seletti and Zanotta. Since 2010 he has been developing a series of objects exploring the possibilities of design through function and material together with bMunna, WEWOOD, Piodão Group and Vista Alegre, to name but a few.

1. If you made headline news what would the title be?
– no response –

2. What would be the typical elements that define your work?
Humor, and trying to reveal unexpected aspects of products. I think a new project I’m starting now, can better explain my work through visuals. Some illustrations that better explain each product can be seen in my facebook page, in the illustrations album. Facebook.com/goncalostudio

3. Outline a typical brainstorming moment?
I work a lot by myself, so usually it involves a lot of writing, a little bit of sketching, a lot of thinking and eventually going for a walk… I find that airplane and train trips make the best places for reflection and brainstorming…

Gonçalo Campos4. Who would be the designer you most strive to emulate career wise?
Probably Ron Gilad is the contemporary designer I most identify with. There are many others though, like Sebastian Bergne, or Konstantin Grcic, Martí Guixé, They all carry a certain appeal for facing objects and interpret them and translate them into a sort of new version, often accompanied by humor.

5. What’s the work you are most proud of and why?
It’s hard to name only one, I have about 3 or 4 pivotal products I designed. They became important because they taught me something new. The first would be Sede decanter, that very much helped me define the type of work I enjoy and the sort of projects I like to be involved in. Dedo message board taught me about new typologies, and how there are still plenty of things to be discovered. Placa Lamp, showed me how products can still have numerous different and unexpected facets. And lastly all the work I did for Wewood, that showed me that it can be very motivating to work with a good, young and small brand.

6. What do you find most irritating about your industry?
The fact that it’s extremely hard to be recognized and successful as a designer in the beginning of your career.

7. Does your underwear reflect your designer cool?
Let’s says it’s unexpected

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Gonçalo Campos

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