Megan TippsMegan Tipps is a former model turned photographer from Houston, Texas.

1. What are your required components for creating the perfect shot?
For me since I work mostly with models I really need good energy and personality. I think overall good styling, makeup, the whole pretty face thing, etc. can be important but when a model stands there motionless with nothing behind her eyes, I can say it’s kind of a bummer.

2. What underlying skills or knowledge do you have that influences your photography?
Since I do focus on fashion, I think my past experience with modelling has given me an eye and knowledge of it for sure. I was around the business for about 10 years. My dad was also a sculptor for a while when I was really young and my mom was really into having me and my siblings around creative people. She would let us do anything we wanted to artistically…our walls were pretty colourful growing up. Plus I have always enjoyed collaging and I think that has helped with composition. LOL

3. If you could ask one photographer one question, who and what would it be?
I’ve recently been really inspired by Francesca Woodman, her photos are so true and ahead of her time. It would be amazing to see what she would have gone on to do if she weren’t so troubled but what she did was perfect. I would love to have been able to meet and talk to her but one question in particular doesn’t come to mind …so lame I know, I should be able to think of one!

4. Has there been a moment, photographic or otherwise, where you ‘missed the shot’?
Definitely… I’ve been trying to work more on capturing the girls in between their “sexy” faces. Sometimes I’ll just miss the real expressions. Also, there are times when I’m way off on focusing and that sucks but I’m getting new glasses soon so that will hopefully start to happen less.

Megan Tipps5. What would be the elements for your ultimate photograph – person, place and/or thing – visualise that?
One of my favourite places that I had travelled as a model was New Zealand, I guess it’s more of an ultimate goal than photograph but I would love to go back there as a photographer and work with the locations and models.

6. Is there a particular source, photographic or otherwise you turn to for inspiration?
Sometimes I will see a girl and come up with ideas based around her. Also, current fashion and then of course all the great photographers out there. I love what Billy Kidd and Chadwick Tyler are doing right now, they are amazing.

7. Sell in a few key words your particular photographic style?
Young, feminine, & emotional

8. What predictions do you have for the future of photography?
Oh I don’t know that one. Instagram and all those iPhone add on’s will probably keep growing. Then digital cameras will probably get smaller, all touch screen and more advanced, but I hope that film doesn’t go away. I have been asked by more than one teenage model what film was …that was weird. I started photography using just digital but my boyfriend really got me into using film so now I have a few film cameras that I work with too. The anticipation of seeing what worked out is so much fun.

9. Does your underwear reflect your photographic style, is it photogenic?
Ha, no. Most boring underwear ever. I like cotton.

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