Marnix PostmaMarnix Postma discovered his passion for photography at the not-so-tender age of 26. Studying Interior Design at the Art Academy in Rotterdam he took a supplementary course in photographer during his second year, discovered a talent and switched to the full-time course a year later.

During those 4 years he formed a strong technical knowledge through assistant photographer positions but found his “depth” during masterclasses given by Tom van Heel and Edel Verzijl. Marnix states “They pushed me in a direction where I discovered a new piece of myself, which enriched my way of concept formation. They told me to do more research on myself and as I was always impressed by the surrealist movement from the twenties, I started there.”

Automatism and other similar ways used to pull ideas out of the unconscious intrigue Marnix and provide him with the starting points for his work. The first series showcasing this way of working is his ‘Androgyny’ series, which also reflects a turnaround in the direction of his work.

Marnix_Postma_Streetwear_Today-0525-Flat1. What are your required components for creating the perfect shot?
– A strong concept.
– Good planning.
– A professional team.
– Experience.

2. What underlying skills or knowledge do you have that influences your photography?
– Technical knowledge.
– A good eye.
– Organisational skills (for production).

3. If you could ask one photographer one question, who and what would it be?
I would ask David Bailey what was the most obnoxious thing he ever said to someone in front of his camera.

4. Has there been a moment, photographic or otherwise, where you ‘missed the shot’?
When I studied there were some times when I forgot to put film in my camera, or had the light settings so wrong I would get completely overexposed images. These were really missed shots, although you also learn from these experiences afterwards.

5. What would be the elements for your ultimate photograph – person, place and/or thing – visualise that?
I think the best things always happen spontaneous, so anything magical that happens on top of the most interesting person, location and styling, makes a picture for me.

Marnix_Postma_DailyPaperFW14-15_0046. Is there a particular source, photographic or otherwise you turn to for inspiration?
I get my inspiration from the unconscious, the way the surrealists used to do in the 20’s. This mixed with inspiration I get from situations and images in daily life form my concepts.

7. Sell in a few key words your particular photographic style?
Sometimes dark, sometimes colourful, playful.

8. What predictions do you have for the future of photography?
The capturing of images will stay around for a long time to come but maybe we won’t need camera’s to do so. And I think CGI will take over as a part of it aswell.

9. Does your underwear reflect your photographic style, is it photogenic?
I don’t think it does, though some are quite photogenic!

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