Between Lock and KeyBorn in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Josephine Cardin is a fine arts photographer who grew up in South Florida, and is now living and working in Rochester, NY.

Presently, Cardin is developing her contemporary figurative work, inspired by music, dance and the human themes of loneliness, isolation, fear and transformation. Always an artist in some capacity, Cardin started out as a ballet dancer, before pursuing a traditional arts education and finally giving over to concentrating fully on her own fine arts career in 2010.

1. What are your required components for creating the perfect shot?
I look for good composition, emotion and whether or not I managed to convey the story or theme I was going for.


2. What underlying skills or knowledge do you have that influences your photography?
Dance plays a major role in my work. I began dancing when I was three and have always done it to some capacity. It was my first career and will always be an influence in my work. I don’t even set out to do it, but movement is simply a natural way for me to express myself, which is why it’s always present in my work. My studies and love for painting and illustration have also been coming out with my work in the last year. Photography has allowed me to incorporate everything I’m good and and which I love in the same work of art.

Of Desolate Amber3. If you could ask one photographer one question, who and what would it be?
Ruven Afanador. And I would ask him if I can shadow him for a day when he shoots flamenco dancers. I love his work and think it would be amazing just to watch his process.

4. Has there been a moment, photographic or otherwise where you ‘missed the shot’?
There are always projects that I connect to more than others, but overall I try to go into each shoot as prepared as possible, taking enough photos to be able to complete a series I’m happy with. Most of my works are series based, so I’m looking for a group of images that work together to tell a story, versus a single image.

Keep Me Silent5. What would be the elements for your ultimate photograph – person, place and/or thing – visualize that?
I don’t tend to worry too much about a place or setting, instead I focus on the subject, the mood, and emotion coming across in the image. Those things always need to be present for me when thinking about my ultimate photograph.

6. Is there a particular source, photographic or otherwise you turn to for inspiration?
Life. My personal experiences and those of people I’m close too. I also look to music, dance, and literature to inspire my stories and themes.

7. Sell in a few key words your particular photographic style?
Emotional, deep, transformative, and intense.

8. What predictions do you have for the future of photography?
I see people pushing a lot of boundaries where photography is a medium to their art. More and more artist are incorporating other mediums into photography. For example, I integrate painting and illustration, and it’s something I’m continuing to explore with my work.

9. Does your underwear reflect your photographic style, is it photogenic?
Ha! Likely not, I wouldn’t say my underwear is emotional or transformative. I was a dancer so I look for movement and comfort. My work has movement, but isn’t always comfortable.

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Images courtesy © Josephine Cardin