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  • Deams


    Deams work reflects a “graphic tapestry” of graffiti art, graphic design and abstract impressionism. Inspiration for which is sourced by his observations of architecture, textiles and repetition in nature. Currently residing in Melbourne, Australia – he works as a graphic designer, art director and painter.…

  • Munk One

    Munk One

    Contemporary illustrator and fine artist Munk One is based in California, US. He’s particularly well known for work produced with major label music acts and has also worked with a number of the world’s best recognised brands. Formally trained his expressive visual dialogue may at first…

  • Collin van der Sluijs

    Collin van der Sluijs

    Collin van der Sluijs currently resides in Maastricht, where he works as an illustrator/painter and runs a gallery, ‘Galerie Groen lLicht’ for contemporary art. He spend 8 years at degree level studying various art disciplines, in various institutions, in different schools across the Netherlands. Currently…